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A banner of Paper Hub workers unloading goods and the tagline: Keeping Domestic and Global markets moving

Denvir had already established a strong working relationship with Forth Ports when they approached us to create a standalone brand and messaging for their London Paper Terminal and Enterprise Distribution Centre. As the leaders in paper and forestry operations they wanted to highlight their commitment to high standards when creating the new brand.

Development of Brand Strategy

A brand strategy was developed which underlined UK Paper Hub’s position as the industry leader in paper and forestry operations. In researching UK Paper Hub’s operations we could see that they embraced innovation and constantly developed new technology to improve their service.

In addition, they had a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of experts who had a great deal of experience and were focused on delivering the best possible service for their customers. It also became apparent through our research that UK Paper Hub were highly flexible, handling containers from all around the world and had a damage-free track record that their rivals couldn’t match.

Taking all these findings into account, the essence of UK Paper Hub’s brand was distilled down to its ability to deliver your best end-to-end solution, today and every day. No matter how big or small the customer, they all receive the same excellent levels of service.

Defining the target audience

When defining the target audience we wanted to position Forth Ports as a viable option not just for big companies but smaller ones as well. Logistics managers for big forestry products companies require large amounts of product to be stored and then transported all over the UK, while paper mill owners require relatively small amounts to be handled and transported throughout the year. With this in mind we identified two core customers for UK Paper Hub: logistics managers and paper mill owners.

Developing the brand

In order to develop the brand we needed to identify the USP’s of UK Paper Hub. Their collaborative approach to working with customers in order to meet their needs was important to emphasise as was the importance they place on sustainability. Their commitment to safety was also underlined by defining a ‘SAFETY F1RST’ culture. In addition, their progressive credentials were brought to the fore by highlighting their determination to continually add value to what they do, like using state of the art technology to provide updates throughout a product’s journey.

Of course UK Paper Hub’s people also play a key part in their story, with their culture of teamwork allowing them to work faster and more effectively than their rivals. The UK Paper Hub logo with the two circles flowing together reflects this emphasis on teamwork, and key messages bring to light the importance of the organisation’s values and culture and how this results in such high levels of service for their customers.

UK Paper Hub Presentation showing the website and print

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