Building a regional investment brand to put East Ayrshire on the map

In need of an enticing new ‘investment brand’ to showcase the area’s development and business opportunities, East Ayrshire Council asked Denvir to build an identity that would develop a region. A robust research phase identified a strong business community, a local and loyal workforce, and public sector support as the bedrock of EA’s investible image. With ‘ea’ as its focal point, the brand design depicts East Ayrshire as an epicentre for enterprise, ringed by the multiple layers comprising the experience of living, learning, and working in the region.

A bold website was designed using expressive photography and informative content to showcase the Invest East Ayrshire brand to the world.

Finally, our team organised an official brand launch at Dumfries House, complemented by integrated PR, advertising, and social media activity to generate reach that put Invest East Ayrshire well and truly on the map.

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