Forth Ports

Creating a digital port for a leading UK quayside operator

As the UK’s 3rd largest port operator, Forth Ports connects our shores to countries all over the world. However, the Forth Ports brand was in need of a website befitting its position in the marketplace and reached out to Denvir to create an ‘online port’ to be proud of.

We began with a full review of the existing website’s content and structure, before designing an entirely new site map; focused on creating an intuitive user experience (UX), with easy access to all information. The new design balances style with functionality and incorporates iconography and bold photography to help visualise Forth Ports’ wide range of services.

A range of engaging new key messages were developed to highlight all services, working with the brands visual assets, while search engine optimised (SEO) copy was woven in across the site to improve search engine rankings. Our in-house developers then brought everything to life with a robust build and seamless go-live.

Bespoke iconography and motion graphics (e.g. GIFs) were created for use across Forth Ports social media to promote key services and drive site visits following the launch – resulting in a 50% increase in traffic within the first month.

The final outcome was a purpose-built digital port that has empowered Forth Ports to tell its portcentric story, inform clients and customers of its full range of capabilities, and anchor its position in the port services industry. And for which Denvir is proud to provide continued support and hosting services.

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