Central to Scotland’s green ambitious

When Fort Ports decided to bid to establish a green freeport, they asked us to help them create a clear and cohesive brand identity and proposition which would set them apart from the competition, but still align with the Scottish Government’s green vision.

Our key task was to create the proposition which would form the heart of the bid – the language we devised would help shape the bid, embodying its values and the ambitions behind it. This was supported by a strong and clear brand messaging framework and brand identity. Once these core tasks were completed, we also worked on key collateral to support the bid, including a new website.

This was about more than branding; this task was part of a bid which could ultimately shape Scotland’s green agenda and create a green growth corridor. The project not only had to fit into the Government’s vision, but it also had to reflect the existing Forth Ports brand. Strong brand messaging was key, and getting the right tone, look and feel was essential.

In January 2023, it was announced that the Forth Green Freeport bid had been shortlisted by the Scottish and UK governments, taking them a step closer to creating a green corridor.

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