Buzz Home Office Logo with honeycomb pattern

One of nature’s hardest workers, the bee was the perfect symbol for homeworking

Buzz Home Office was created when John Donaldson and Sons Group approached Denvir in 2020 as they wanted to launch a home office furniture brand. The Covid-19 lockdown meant more people than ever were suddenly working from home. JDS saw an opportunity to cater to this audience and asked Denvir to brand and market their new venture.

We wanted to create a positive, aspirational brand that would get people excited about working from home. We decided on the name Buzz Home Office to reflect the busy lifestyles of homeworking professionals and their industrious intentions. One of nature’s hardest workers, the bee was the perfect symbol for homeworking.

Buzz brand guidelines booklet

Brand creation

To bring the brand to life a stylish and modern logo was created. The Buzz bee encapsulates the aspirational nature of the brand, representing hard work, living in harmony and working together. A distinctive colour scheme featuring a nectar-like orange, black and white was also created along with a honey-comb motif to feature in design assets.


In order to bring Buzz Home Office to market, we needed a website that would get customers excited about this new homeworking offering. A bold, eye-catching online home was created in Buzz’s signature orange, black and white colour scheme, effectively showcasing the product range, from the ‘Office in a box’ and ‘School in a box’ Buzz Hive to the Beespoke and Home Hive options.

The home office solutions were presented in images showing how they fit seamlessly into different households and a specially developed bespoke configurator allowed users to customise the product with different colours to see how it would look. Blog posts about the working from home lifestyle also helped give a voice to the brand.

Buzz Home Office website overview


To support the launch of Buzz Home Office a PR campaign was devised. Press releases were created to target trade publications and the business and news press, which resulted in coverage in prestige titles The Scotsman and The Courier, boosting brand awareness.

Printed and digital collateral

The launch was further bolstered by printed and digital collateral, giving more information to both B2C and B2B audiences. An A5 flyer, printed brochure, editable sales presentation and digital brochures were all created to showcase the brand and its product ranges. Trade customers were also targeted specifically with a specially designed e-mail campaign.

Social media

With much of Buzz’s target audience being tech-savvy professionals, an effective social media strategy was key to launching the brand. Social profiles were set-up and a mix of organic and paid for social activity was used to build brand awareness. Striking images, GIFs and interactive posts were created to engage with Buzz’s target audience and grow followers across all channels.

Digital advertising

A Digital advertising campaign was developed to support the launch and deployed across social media, Google Display and Google Search (PPC). Making use of eye-catching images, persuasive headlines and Search Engine Optimisation, the campaign played an important role in driving traffic to Buzz’s website. It also increased brand awareness and reached potential customers who weren’t following the brand on social media. The Digital Advertising campaign was launched across Scotland for three months in order to test tactics, monitor KPIs and establish metrics to support future brand activity and strategy.

Homeworking looks like it is here to stay and after a successful launch, Buzz Home Office is going to be at the forefront of people’s minds when they’re looking for a home office solution. From the ready-to-go Office and School in a Box to the more tailored solutions of Beespoke and Home Hive, we continue to spread the word about the great Buzz Home Office range to the brand’s growing online audience.

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