Website Design & Social Media

Family run Skyeskyns uses traditional, time-honoured methods to produce sheepskin interiors of the highest quality, and their free tannery tour on the Isle of Skye boasts a 5-star Scottish Tourism Board rating. Skyeskyns reached out to Denvir to help with an annual marketing plan to grow their online sales.

>GREAT result

It was clear that Skyeskyns offered amazing products, so we set about assessing the barriers to their retail success, addressing them with a comprehensive marketing plan.

We designed a brand new website, to optimise the e-commerce customer journey, and increased new site visits by over 55% thanks to a schedule of emails, social media activity, and targeted online advertising.

Offline, our team designed and sent out premium catalogues to over 200 recipients. We also established a network of PR contacts, successfully attaining coverage in national publications, with a value of more than 40 times the investment.

Lastly, the amazing engagement resulting from our ‘Cuddle up to Christmas’ campaign completed the turn-around, capping off 3 months of retail growth from October to December.

See the Skyeskyns website in full:

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