The brand and the founders’ mission is to empower the app’s users to own their looks and become the best version of themselves.

Denvir was approached by Be Your Own to help launch a new digital app for the beauty market. Founded by two female entrepreneurs, Be Your Own wanted to create an app that helped those consuming beauty treatments track change over a period of time, so they can monitor their journey and look their best. In doing so, the app would empower people to explore different beauty treatments in a safe space free of judgement. It was important to the founders that the app had an emphasis on body positivity and ‘being real’ and was an antidote to the constant comparisons and peer pressure of social media.

Brand Creation

Denvir was tasked with naming the app and creating its brand identity. Myrror was chosen as the name, combining ‘My’ and ‘mirror’ and encapsulating how the app can reflect the beauty journey of the user and be their own personal confidant. A classy, memorable logo was created which played upon a reflected letter ‘M’ and a distinctive colour scheme of teal, black and yellow was defined.

Research and Insight

Research was carried out in order to gauge interest in the app’s services and the potential market for the product. We asked 500 people, who have had at least two aesthetic treatments carried out, questions to assess if there was an appetite amongst them for Myrror’s offering and how much they might use such an app. The research findings would also be used to work with the client to create a commercialisation strategy that would underpin how the app was marketed.

App UX

During the development of the app, Denvir worked closely with the client and App developers. This involved supporting the development of in-app design, as well as creating an in-app copy. In addition, app store profile copy and assets for launching the app across Google Play Store and the App Store were created.

Website and Content Creation

Building a compelling website to showcase Myrror was an important part of the launch. A website was created that captured the values behind the brand and the founders’ mission to empower the app’s users to own their look and become the best version of themselves. Featuring the brand’s distinctive colour scheme and prominently displaying the Myrror logo, the website was designed to make Myrror as attractive to potential users as possible. Carefully selected images also conveyed the empowering spirit of the brand.

The website featured copy which conveyed Myrror’s inclusive take on personal beauty and highlighted the app’s key features and benefits for users. A content strategy was also created to boost SEO through blog content about the inspiration behind the app and the experiences of the founders.

Social media and Influencer

To launch Myrror effectively a social media strategy needed to be put in place to drive brand awareness. Social profiles were set up for the launch across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to build-up an online community and a strategy to target beauty influencers was developed. The brand’s values and body-positive attitudes were communicated to its audience through organic and paid for social activity and the different features of the app were spotlighted with an emphasis on how they benefit the user. Specially designed assets, images and gifs were created to enhance the posts and drive engagement.

Digital advertising

A digital strategy to support the brand launch was deployed across social media and Google Display. We used digital advertising to raise awareness of Myrror and encourage potential app users to install it. Through persuasive headlines and visuals, the ads drove app downloads for the launch.

Myrror is now out in the world after a successful launch and on a mission to change the way people track their beauty journey. With a strong, stylish brand, an attractive website and a sizeable (and growing) social media following, Myrror has the perfect platform to become the best friend of beauty lovers everywhere.

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