A Christmas campaign reminding whisky lovers the thought really does count

Hailed as a distinctly modern whisky crafted using traditional methods, anCnoc approached Denvir to create a Christmas campaign that would encourage gifting from its dedicated drinkers to those yet to discover the brand. The campaign needed to resonate with a contemporary, confident, and informed audience. We developed the ‘This Christmas, be anCnoc’ to promote the characteristics of anCnoc drinkers, encouraging them to advocate for the brand through their own behaviour, and to impress these traits on others by gifting anCnoc this Christmas.

Our team brought the ‘be anCnoc’ concept to life through a professional campaign photoshoot. This included sourcing the ideal location, models, and photographer for the shoot, as well as full creative direction on the day.  We paired carefully selected images with impactful headlines to create a full suite of campaign assets, each depicting a unique characteristic while conveying the overarching concept of ‘This Christmas, be anCnoc’. Multiple messages were developed for each image, facilitating A-B variant testing with social media and email targeting.

The final result was a confident and bold campaign, calling on its audience to be part of a more meaningful Christmas by giving a gift where the thought really does count.

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