A rebrand that opened the door to new opportunities

When Rowan Manufacturing became part of the Donaldson Group, a rebrand which reflected this, summed up the new business offering and helped position them as a market leader in Scotland was required.

A complete rebrand was carried out, including a name change to Donaldson Door Systems, work on brand architecture and messaging, creating a new website, social account, and key collateral. The work all focussed on the essence, the first choice in Scotland for door systems.

The brand positioning was supported through SEO and the rebrand was announced via a targeted PPC campaign in order to inform people of the name change and drive the audience to the new website.

The rebrand was needed to help establish the company as part of the Donaldson Group, as well as making sure the offering was clear to the core audiences. The combination of the Donaldson name and the inclusion of “door systems” not only gave the brand kudos, but also removed any confusion over what the brand offers its customers.

The relaunch and rebranding delivered almost immediate results, with a notable increase in awareness and enquiries from Donaldson Group customers, who – as they’re already familiar with the name – trust businesses that carry it. .

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