Is social media now more than just a place to connect?

When you think of searching for something, do you envision using the Google Search Engine, or do you picture yourself utilising a social channel’s search bar, like Instagram or TikTok? If it’s the latter, you’re among the 40% of users who prefer searching on TikTok or Instagram over Google. But does this data prompt a need to reassess your brand strategy?

Nearly 60% of the global population actively engages with social media, dedicating over 2.5 hours daily to content exploration. Notably, younger demographics are increasingly turning to TikTok and Instagram for various needs – from discovering activities and places to stay to being updated with the latest news, rather than relying on Google’s conventional search engine. In the UK, TikTok has emerged as the fastest-growing platform for news consumption among adults, already exerting a significant influence on the younger generation.

Using a social media channel as a search engine highlights how technology is evolving at an exponential rate, but it also, more importantly for us in marketing, shows that the way that we are consuming information is changing. Presently, we want concise ‘bitesize content’ rather than a wall of Google results. We value authenticity which comes from experiencing our favourite creators in real-life situations and observing their genuine reactions rather than relying on an anonymous and impersonal review on Google reviews. As well as the concise nature of social media posts, with creators having just about 60 seconds to share their content, it forces them to provide more relevant and quicker results and in a different manner to Google’s traditional approach.

However, it is important to remember that Google is still firmly on top. Google is widely regarded as a more reliable source of information compared to social media platforms, and its ability to swiftly collect and refine data enables it to maintain its competitive edge. Therefore, until TikTok and Instagram can evolve into comprehensive information hubs and content creators can match or surpass Google’s proficiency in understanding search intent, they will face significant challenges to dethrone Google from the top. TikTok and Instagram predominantly cater to the Gen Z audience, with 38.5% of their user base falling in the 18-25 age group and until they can expand their user base to include other generations, much like Google, which is used by 92.24% of the 4.72 billion internet users worldwide, they are unlikely to surpass Google’s dominant position.

Are you looking to optimise your online presence and ensure that both your social media and SEO strategies are tailored to your audience? In today’s digital landscape, a comprehensive approach that bridges both social and traditional search is key for any business. While traditional Google searches remain a powerful tool, the effectiveness may vary depending on your brand or product and the social platforms that your audience may use. At Denvir we understand the importance of a well-integrated strategy. We specialise in tailoring your content to not only meet the standards of traditional search engines but also to engage effectively with your audience on social media. Let us help you elevate your online presence to >GREAT heights. Explore the possibilities with us here 

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