Denvir takes stage at Market Driven NPD event with Opportunity North East

Other than brands, if there are two things we love at Denvir, it’s being creative and food. So, when there’s an opportunity to bring all three together with new product development (NPD) and a new food brand, you can imagine how excited we get.

Earlier this week, our Senior Client Manager, Nicky, was invited to share Denvir’s insight (and excitement) regarding NPD and brand building with others who share our passion, at the latest North East Scotland Food & Drink Network event in Aberdeen.

North East Scotland Food & Drink Network

With consumer demand, worldwide competition, changing behaviours and new technology, investment in innovation is more essential than ever. The future growth of all Food & Drink companies relies on NPD, but ensuring market driven development is the key to successful innovation.

By gathering future-focussed minds of the food and drink sector to present at its recent Aberdeen event, North East Scotland Food & Drink Network aimed to provide its audience with the tools to ensure their new product development efforts are market driven, to effectively meet consumers’ needs and generate new sales. An ambition Denvir was proud to be invited to contribute towards.

Broccoli crisps, anyone?

At every party, someone needs to bring the nibbles. This time it was Denvir’s turn.

Focussing on one of our most recent NPD projects, we were able to contribute an end-to-end, real-world example of a strategy-led method for ensuring market driven NPD.

During the presentation, Nicky laid out the crucial steps and considerations involved in the development of Growers Garden Broccoli Crisps; both product and brand. From first being approached by a co-op of 16 farmers looking to reduce food waste using their ‘wonky veg’, to launching the brand and product available in stores today.

Key elements of Denvir’s market driven NPD process presented at the event included:

  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Market Opportunity Reports
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Consumer Focus Groups
  • Mall Taste Testing

See how these elements helped ensure the market driven NPD of both the Growers Garden Broccoli Crisps brand and product in our Growers Garden case study.