Standby Guitars

Brand & Website Creation

Denvir was approached by Standby Guitars after the owner and founder developed an idea for luxury, bespoke guitar stands that were like no other available on the market. The aim was to develop and progress the brand to a launch-ready state through the creation of all branding-related elements and the development of a company website.

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The typical Standby Guitars customer is a guitar aficionado, a player and collector. So we needed something to catch their eye, introduce the brand and the products and communicate that these products were made by someone who shared their love of the six string.

 As a first step, we created the Standby Guitars brand identity, including their logo accompanied by the strapline, ‘’Displayed in Style’’, a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and brand stationery to position the company appropriately to start communicating and operating as a brand.

We then developed a bank of brand photography for Standby Guitars that would be used in all communications, both print and digital. We commissioned photographer Archie MacFarlane, a great fit for the project, as he is both a talented professional photographer and a semi-professional musician, well known on the Scottish indie scene and a regular on the folk music circuit.

This brand photography played a part in our design and development of the Standby Guitars website which is used as the central communication method to convey the brand’s values and messaging. We also created a set of coasters with classic riffs or chord structures transcribed in guitar tab on one side, and inspiring images of Standby Guitars stands on the other.

This gave our client a promotional item which customers will engage with, staring at the tab for prolonged periods of time as they practice, and something they will keep coming back to as they learn classic riffs from rock, pop, metal and country.

See the Standby Guitars website in full:

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