Edison Bulb Picture

Why retro marketing will never go out of fashion.

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”  Well, they do actually.
Retro marketing has become an absolute phenomenon, and businesses are bringing it to products in almost any area you could imagine. Something has awoken in the modern-day consumer; an emotion in its own right, and a powerful purchasing trigger… nostalgia.

What initially started as a market for old-school original items, quickly developed into something more. With products having been discontinued for many years, as demand for retro items sky-rocketed, supply conversely grew smaller. While for some, the thrill of hunting for true originals is part of the retro experience, many people are less picky, and simply have a nostalgic itch that needs scratching.

For the brands in demand, nostalgic consumers presented a problem; with all sales of their coveted older models occurring in the pre-owned market space, meaning no new revenue. This is something that was not lost on marketers and product developers, turning to retro marketing. Recognising the growing imbalance of supply and demand, and keen to profit from the hard work of yester-year, brands have launched a flurry of modern day adaptations of old school classics; fond in our memories, close to our hearts, and near impossible to resist buying all over again!

Here are 4 fantastic throw-backs, that had us screaming “JUST TAKE MY MONEY!”…

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Mini
O.M.Geek this one got some of the Denvirites in the office VERY excited! Available in limited quantities and selling out a little too fast for our liking, it was an 8-bit smash hit! With Nintendo having fallen behind Microsoft and Sony in the modern console race, the NES mini is a great example of how the glory of years gone by can help remind people of why they fell in love with a brand to begin with.


(BMW) Mini Cooper
Don’t call it a comeback! Around for a while now, the Mini Cooper is a great example of how a classic can make a nostalgia-fuelled return, and become an icon all over again. The new Mini has been so successful, it’s almost possible to forget that the old school version even existed… Almost.

Mini-Cooper Picture

Polaroid – One Step 2
Yes, the original Polaroid is back! Well almost. The revamped ‘Polaroid One Step 2′ (original version shown below) is soon to be launched, and currently available for pre-order. So, you’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on it, just like waiting for those iconic photos to develop.

Original Polaroid One Step Two

Edison Bulbs
Who would have seen this coming? It’s possible we’re all going nuts over this 139-year-old lightbulb more than the people Thomas Edison first unveiled it to back in 1879! Gracing the homes and haunts of hipsters and retro lovers, the Edison bulb is a shining example of how even the most basic of thing can become a retro hit.

Edison Bulb Picture

The Future of Retro
The feeling of nostalgia triggered by fond memories is likely as old as our ability to form memories altogether. It can develop at any point, with anything, for anyone; it is not a new concept. What is new, is the commercial recognition of nostalgia.

Regardless of what is classed as a ‘classic’, or ‘old enough’ to be retro, nostalgia is not going away. It’s simply a tool for reaching your target market. As people age, so too do the products they grow up with. There will always be a new retro product, with a new retro-consumer to fall in love with it all over again.