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Tesco Northern Ireland get a ‘taste’ of our Tesco Scotland tour success

After running many successful sampling tours for Tesco Scotland, Tesco Northern Ireland (Tesco NI) approached us to organise similar events in stores across Northern Ireland. Excitedly we got to work on the “Tesco NI Spring Tour” which visited 10 Tesco stores across Northern Ireland and partnered with 11 brands, covering 29 products.

We partnered with iconic brands including Brady Family Ham, Diageo NI, Tayto and Hovis to name but a few. The tour finished up on the 27th April, with everyone involved working hard to make the tour >GREAT and our fantastic results prove that.

Across the 10 day tour the team handed out over 25,000 samples with many of the products selling out in various stores. We also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers which was fantastic motivation for the team.

We’ve included a few photos to show you what great really looks like:

Tesco NI Experience 2

Tesco NI Experience 3