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Taylored marketing for fresh fish

The Fraserburgh-based fresh fish exporter, French Fish Export, has appointed Denvir to develop its new consumer facing brand, Jack Taylor.

Joel  Watt, Director at French Fish Export, said: ‘We’ve been delighted to work alongside Denvir to create a new brand that we can really be proud of and a brand we can really build upon as the business grows.  Already under the new brand, the company has won five new restaurants during 2014, I don’t believe this would have been possible without the rebrand.  We’ve always had a quality product, however now we have a brand that emphasises the quality.  Whether it’s our business cards, our new retail labels, or just our twitter page, the response is always exceedingly positive.’

In addition to creating the brand itself, Denvir will also be supporting the retail strategy through packaging and advertising creative and developing an e-commerce website to sell fresh fish direct to consumers.

The Jack Taylor branding has been developed to represent the qualities most aligned to the business including its strong heritage, quality fresh produce and friendly service as well as creating the character of Jack Taylor for use across all sales and marketing assets.

The website which is currently in development is due to launch soon supported by a suite of enticing and mouth-watering images which Denvir has recently produced.