Engaging consumers: A story with pictures.

You might be reading this now but it’s the image that got you to stop scrolling. When viewing online content, eye-tracking shows that consumers pay greater attention to information that is associated with images. So much so, that when the images used are relevant to the rest of the content, readers spend more time looking at the visuals than they do the copy on the page. It’s human nature, and your brand’s audience behaves in the same way. But are you taking full advantage?

Understanding how images enhance the written-word is key to success in many areas of marketing, including building consumer engagement. Posts with images make up 93% of Facebook’s most engaged with content, while blogs and news articles with images receive 94% more views and those with images after every 75-100 words receive 100% more shares.

Choosing the right image will help make written content work harder for your brand. Use eye-catching hook images to help draw in your audience on crowded social platforms and weave relevant message-enhancing images into your longer articles to keep people engaged throughout and deliver your entire message.

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