denvir marketing discovers most romantic city in scotland

TODAY is the day when lovers throughout the nation look lovingly into one another’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears – or so we are led to believe. Denvir Marketing, an award-winning Aberdeen and Stirling based marketing agency, has carried out its own Valentine’s research to find out just how romantic we are as a nation.

Aberdeen isn’t known as the City of Roses for no reason, its residents were the most romantic city with 48% of people making their special someone’s feel blooming marvellous on Valentine’s Day. Edinburgh came in a close second with 35% of its amorous residents declaring their love for the big day, and last but certainly not least 27% of Glaswegians proposed to share a dram with their significant others.

When carrying out the surveys in Scotland’s three biggest cities, Denvir’s researchers discovered not everyone was planning a romantic night out. More than 23% decided having a home cooked meal proved more passionate, with another 3% opting for a romantic takeaway.

Speaking of passion, across all three cities 22% of men planned to be ‘getting intimate’ which was a stark contrast to the 4% of women who planned the same thing. However, Edinburgh was the most turned on with 19% of people planning a night of passion, 16% of Glaswegians planned a “play date” and finishing last was Aberdeen, with 4% of its lovers stating they would be getting frisky.

Kay MacGregor, managing director of Denvir Marketing said she was impressed with the number of people choosing to take part in the annual event. She said: “The research carried out by our team made us realise that men and women have very different opinions about what Valentine’s is all about.

“We were most impressed to discover one strapping young Aberdonian lad who said he planned to propose to the love of his life, but wouldn’t give us any more information. I suppose we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

For the traditionalists out there men planned to spend an average of £57.50 while women said they would spend up to £36.99. On average Aberdeen came out as the most extravagant spenders followed by Edinburgh then Glasgow, while married couples declared they would be spending on average £10 more than unmarried couples.

As 2015 is the Year of Food and Drink in Scotland and February’s theme is the Food of Love, Denvir asked what food set senses spinning? Aberdonians declared a love for steak, Edinburghers fancy a piece of chocolate while Glaswegians were more enamoured by seafood.

Louise Purves of VisitScotland, said: “February is the month of love and there is certainly plenty to adore when it comes to Scotland’s culinary delights. We’re spoiled for choice! This year is a celebration of our natural larder and unique dining experiences. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to venture out and sample some of our finest food and drink.”

As lovely as it is to receive a gift from the one you love, sometimes it can go spectacularly wrong. From a cat to a hoover, a plate with a ketchup heart to a ruler, and a lock of hair to a hand drawn portrait it would appear the Scottish nation is romantic but in its very own, special, way.