delivering engaging events

Engaging with people, passers-by or complete strangers isn’t an easy job. Whether you are selling a product, manning a sampling table or shaking a charity tin it can be a difficult task compelling people to stop and take notice – so what does drive people to buy products, taste yummy samples or pop a penny in the tin?

If we put aside impossible propositions – ‘offering free winning lotto tickets’ or the improbable ‘try this new soup and stand a 50% chance of winning a Ferrari’- we’re left with the need to create theatre.

Events come in a multitude of sizes and guises. From a singular supermarket product activation to a city wide celebration, they all share a common purpose: visually manifest brand character to build awareness and/or drive sales. It is an opportunity for consumers to experience how perfectly matched they are with the brand, and rewards them for choosing ‘their’ bank/beverage/biscuit or bike.

People know what a great brand experience looks like and they should not be found wanting. Engaging events are distinctive, imaginative and a perfect articulation of what a brand stands for, and creativity is the foundation.

Visually attractive stands entice consumers while inspiring content delivers an engaging experience, not just information.

Six tips to make your events more creative:

  • Develop an original theme and build everything around that
  • Look for ways to involve attendees, how can they participate?
  • Ensure all the senses have been considered
  • Create quality design and collateral that reflects your brand
  • Be innovative with take-away items, remember these are your silent salesmen
  • And lastly, do your research, especially when it comes to your consumer

If you follow these key rules there’s no reason why your next event shouldn’t be spectacular!