Creating Great Brand Photography

Brand Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so when it comes to your brand photography you should think carefully about what those words say. Below is one of our latest projects with our client Macb Water along with a few tips to help you ‘get the picture’ of how we create >GREAT shots for our clients.

Why do a photoshoot?

Creating a suite of professionally shot brand photography offers great value as it can be used to communicate your identity everywhere from websites and social media to print media and event sponsorships, time and time again. Done right, your message will resonate with your audience and make your brand memorable for all the right reasons.

Denvir in action

Aiming to create vibrant brand photography that expresses the refreshing attitude of Macb flavoured Scottish spring water, our team recently hit the eclectic streets of Glasgow to capture bold lifestyle shots that would resonate with a young and energetic target audience. Here’s a little taster of what the day produced:


There’s a lot more to creating shots like these than just ‘point and click’.

As an award-winning agency for branding, photography, and art direction, we make sure to take the time to understand the core identity of all our clients’ brands, so that the photography we create brings this to life.

Our team develops a comprehensive shot list for every shoot, planning everything down to the minute; including the models, props, and locations for each shot, as well as the shot order that makes best use of locations and lighting throughout the day. This ensures we consistently deliver all the agreed shots for our clients.

Perhaps most important of all however, is to enjoy the process. There are not many places to have fun like the set of a photoshoot. Often, the most expressive and authentic brand photography is captured when everyone is at ease. Being organised and having everything you need to hand when you need it is a big step towards making this possible. That, and having a good laugh at a few ‘bloopers’ along the way.

Looking for fresh images to re-energise your brand? Get in touch for a chat and check out more of our award-winning photography in our work.