Brand names: don’t over differentiate.

Whatever you decide to name your brand, the one name you cannot use is one that is already taken. Differentiation is crucial. Just don’t make the one common mistake that happens across all industries (more on that in a second).

When you strip everything else away, a >GREAT name alone should differentiate your brand from competitors. Without this, there’s always a risk of confusion and, worst case, consumers who are searching for your business, accidentally engaging with your opposition!

In today’s digital world a well differentiated name will also strengthen your online presence through Search Engine Optimisation. But we’ll leave that for another time.

Unfortunately, a common mistake for brands in all industries is to push the novelty of their name too far. In a bid to stand out, they do the opposite. Pulling inspiration from obscure references, foreign languages, local dialects, or simply making up words – the resulting names are often hard for consumers to understand, remember, or even pronounce.

Even with an incredible product or service, without the identity to match, consumer loyalty and word of mouth will remain elusive. After all, when was the last time you recommended a brand you couldn’t pronounce?

For a >GREAT example of this in action, discover what became of Gaelic named ‘Bhuth Bheag Candle Company’, as we redeveloped and relaunched the brand with a fresh and relatable new identity: