A week in the life of a marketing intern by Halle

I never thought I would find a place that drinks as much coffee (and tea) as me. It seems I have found my match at Denvir Marketing. As soon as I walked through the doors Monday morning, after warm welcomes, tea or coffee requests soon followed. I instantly knew that I would be happy here.

As first impressions go they made a great one and I hope I did too. Like most things in life you go into new places not quite sure what to expect. Was I just going to be doing mundane tasks like photocopying or making coffee? That wasn’t the case in the slightest.

My first task of the day, was making phone calls. Sounds pretty easy, we talk on the phone every day, right? Well after the initial wave of anxiousness, I found myself taking the task in my stride or at least trying to, putting on my best professional voice, calling around Tesco stores to let them know about the arrival of their point of sale.

The excitement of the internship only increased when the topic of Christmas was raised. I absolutely love Christmas and getting to work on a Christmas card company logo was right up my street. I like to think of myself as a creative person and having the opportunity to throw ideas around was great.

The list of projects on the go is endless; you never know what industry you could be exploring. Those that say working 9-5 is dull and boring have obviously never worked in a place like Denvir. With so much variety how could you possibly get bored? I’m not sure how knowing that hazardous waste in Scotland is referred to as ‘special waste’ is going to enrich my life, but as the saying goes, you learn something new every day!

Apart from jumping from industry to industry, getting out of the office to visit a few clients has been great. Watching the Denvir team speak with such confidence and ease is exactly what I aspire to be able to do when I’m in that situation. What was even better was actually being able to follow along with the meeting, understanding and sharing some of the same thoughts (silently) as the rest of the team.

With my time at Denvir soon coming to an end, I am so happy I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I feel like I finally have some direction for my (proper) adult life. Although a scary thought, I know that working for a company like Denvir is right for me. I can’t thank the team at Denvir enough for having me. It truly has been an enjoyable experience with a lovely bunch of people.