A ‘little bit’ of creativity

Giving ‘Scotland’s Family Butcher’ more banger for their buck.

Faced with an increasingly health conscious Scottish market, Scotland’s Family Butcher, Malcolm Allan, approached Denvir with the task of creating and launching a new range identity for its lean and low-calorie offering.


A ‘little bit’ of creativity.

Our focus was on preserving the tradition and familiarity of this much-loved fourth-generation Scottish family business, while developing a modern look and feel that would stand out on crowded shelves and appeal to health driven shoppers.


The result was the Malcolm Allan – ‘Little Bit Lighter’ range, with packaging crafted to hold deliberate ties to the Malcolm Allan brand heritage, while injecting fresh energy and healthy messaging for greater product appeal in today’s market.


Release the sausages!

Following the development phase, our team worked closely with Malcolm Allan to launch the exciting new ‘Little Bit Lighter’ range. This included press releases introducing Little Bit Lighter Pork Link Sausages and Steak Link Sausages – at just 66 and 59 calories respectively – as well as plans for more products to follow later in 2019.


Sizzling results.

‘Little Bit Lighter’ has already proven extremely popular amongst major supermarket shoppers – including Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Spar. The successful modern re-invention and re-launch of Malcolm Allan’s healthier options has generated an incredible sales uplift for both the pork and steak sausages. And best of all, nothing makes us happier than a happy client:


“It’s a really exciting move for us as a business and we’re delighted to officially have the products on the shelves for people to pick up and enjoy. By showing the key nutritional information on the front of the pack, there is clear transparency with the customers and they know exactly what they’re getting – a great-tasting, healthy product that they can love just as much as our other products that they have been so loyal to over the years.”


-Gordon Allan, Director of Malcolm Allan