7 adverts that will make your Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday (don’t say we didn’t remind you!) and to mark the occasion we’ve been searching for our favourite Mother’s Day adverts

So, whether you’re stumped for a gift or perhaps need a little reminder of just why our awesome Mum’s deserve their own dedicated day, check out our list of ‘Top 7 Mother’s Day Adverts’ below*:

Denvir’s ‘Top 7 Mother’s Day Adverts’

Brand: Proctor & Gamble (P&G)

Title: Thank You Mom

Aired back in April 2012, it might be an oldie but it’s a goodie. P&G Mother’s Day advert ahead of the London Olympics (albeit for the US Mother’s Day in May) has undeniable relatability, pulling at the heartstrings of many.  In fact, it worked so well they continued the concept two years later for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

P&G Olympics Advert – London 2012

P&G Olympics Advert – Sochi 2014


Brand: Pandora

Title: The Unique Connection

Pandora conducted a touching experiment looking at the unique and special bond between a mother and a child.  Although aimed at the Mother’s Day market, the advert remains open to broader appeal, with a call to action to celebrate the uniqueness of all women, whether a mother or not.


Brand: Asda

Title: The Mother’s Day Plan

Never work with kids or animals they say.  Well, with this fun ad, delivered exceptionally well by its young cast, Asda proves kids (and dogs) can stick to a plan! Opting to aim for childlike laughter rather than a traditional tear-jerker, this add hits the target.


Brand: Google

Title: Here’s to the Moms

Another one from the other side of the pond, Google’s #HeresToTheMoms campaign encouraged everyone to upload a photo, video, or message of their choice to celebrate and thank their mothers.  Here’s a small compilation of some of the best bits in their heart-warming final ad.


Brand: Hewlett Packard (HP)

Title: With Every Child a Mother is Born

Capturing all the emotion of the transition from being a women and partner to becoming a mother.  Stating that, ‘with every child, a mother is born’, this HP ad for the German market visually translates to the women in all countries, that joy comes in endless forms, many of which you are yet to discover.


Brand: Pampers (P&G)

Title: Midnight Mother’s Day

Running from midnight to 5am, this clever piece of targeted advertising by P&G-owned brand Pampers, aimed to reach new mothers waking up in the early hours of the morning. Ensuring their brand was the first to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day, at a moment when many probably found the recognition especially welcome!


Final thought:

We’re pretty sure there’s another Mother’s Day planned for 2020, and plenty more big dates in between, so if you want to create a >GREAT campaign for your brand, just get in touch!

*Denvir Marketing Limited accepts no responsibility for the extreme dehydration that may be caused by the tear-jerking adverts included in this list, whether sad or joyful.