5 Keys to a >GREAT Website with Cameron Scott

We recently sat down for a quick interview with our Web Developer and newest ‘Denvirite’, Cameron. Find out below what makes Cam tick, and most importantly what ticks all the boxes in his ‘5 Keys to a >GREAT Website’.


Cameron on: Life as a Denvirite

What’s a memorable project you’ve helped deliver since joining Denvir?

My first project was actually helping develop Denvir’s own new website, which was as much a privilege as it was a pressure. Kind of thrown in at the deep end, but luckily I knew how to swim (so to speak).

My most recent work has been on the Macb Water website. It was great fun to work on and the design team really made it burst to life. You can check it out at macb.co.uk.

Any big challenges so far?

One particular challenge was building the e-commerce functionality of growers-garden.com. The online shop was complex but really satisfying to develop, especially since we added both commercial and trade (B2B) options. And there’s definitely something addictive about client feedback saying orders are flying in!

Favourite thing about Denvir so far? (No pressure!)

I would say it has to be the team and atmosphere at Denvir. Everyone is so friendly. From the get-go I’ve looked forward to working each day. Oh, and team Nando’s lunches. I had never tried it before working here (*internet collectively gasps*).


5 Keys to a >GREAT Website by Cameron Scott

1 – DESIGN: First impressions matter, and bringing together all the information site visitors need in a beautiful and user-friendly way is crucial. Our in-house creative team pave the way for me to get to work on the technical side. It takes collaboration.

2 – MOBILE: Internet browsing has changed. We carry devices in our pocket that are a million times more powerful than the NASA computers that put men on the moon! Over 52% of web traffic is now from mobile devices* (and growing), so Denvir builds all websites with a mobile-first focus.

3 – SECURITY: No one wants their brand tarnished with a website hack, and it is even more important if said website is handling customer data. We always ensure the sites we build and host for our clients are up-to-date, backed-up, and follow best-practice security.

4 – SEO: Having a beautiful website and shouting about it in adverts is all well and good, but search engines like Google are how most people will find (or miss) you. We build sites that talk to search engines, using Search Engine Optimisation to help climb the rankings.

5 – YOU: Don’t worry, we do the heavy lifting, but our websites could never be >GREAT if we didn’t work closely with our clients. A website is a brand’s online home, and since nobody knows your brand better than you, we find listening is one of our most valuable web building tools.

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Denvir Speed Date: Cameron Scott

Get to know our Denvirites with 8 deeply personal and revealing quick-fire questions. You’re up Cameron! 

Favourite Film or TV Series?

Saving Private Ryan, watched it so many times I could probably save him myself!

Favourite hobby?

Is gaming a hobby? Nothing quite like blasting zombies, aliens etc. with a couple of your buddies.

Food heaven?

Pasta – Macaroni Cheese or Carbonara. Can eat my weight in the stuff.

Food hell?
Jelly. It’s slimy, slurpy stuff. Makes me gag just thinking about it.

My round, what you drinking?

Since you’re buying… double rum & coke, or a good single malt.

What’s your party trick?

Double-jointed toes – apparently that’s a weird one.

You’re fired… What’s your dream next job?

Fighter Pilot! Getting paid to fly around and act like a maverick? No-brainer.

Any final words?…

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd


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*Source: Statista